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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy contains information about how TKWeek handles user data.

We do not sell or let any other third parties use your data. The app contains no advertisements.

The usage of personal data

When you send an email to the TKWeek support, we keep a record of our communication, usually until the support case is closed. This includes your email, name and the conversation history. This is the only personal information we store. We may need to keep the communication record for legal reasons.

To fulfill its purpose, the app must access user account data, your calendar, your call log and the contacts database. TKWeek does not process the data in unexpected or hidden ways. Specifically it does not send the data to thrid party servers. Please refer to the section Use of other services.

Usage of non-personal data

Non-personal information is anonymous data with which you cannot uniquely identify a specific individual.
TKWeek does not collect or store non-personal information.

Use of other services

TKWeek heavily relies on core Google Android Platform services, the Google Contacts API, Google Calendar API and Google Tasks API. How and what data these services process may not be controllable by TKWeek. You can find their privacy policy here:

Also, TKWeek links to sites maintained by the Wikimedia Foundation. You can find their privacy policy here: